First of all you need to create the sales letter                                                                                                 and all the marketing materials that accompany                                                                                             your release (graphic, video, audio, gift                                                                                                           vouchers, free reports, etc).
                                                                                            Solved this, now the technical issues: Where                                                                                               will you host your sales letter? What type of                                                                                                   accommodation? Your own domain or                                                                                                             subdomain?? How to get paid online? How to                                                                                               ensure the product download? How


                                                                                            to have good communication with my clients?
​ Contract a programmer?? Is there a product that I automate the process? I acquire one? Autoresponder to manage my list, and what? How do I ensure my members and affiliates that their products are safe and commissions?
Once you've fixed the technical, strategic ones are: How much I will sell it? What strategy should I follow to attract traffic to the site? Positioning? Organic or pay per click?, Do I use a free report and then offer the product? Buy the product? Directly with a number of interesting bonuses? Will I filiated recruit? How much would I pay to affiliates? Do I seek strategic alliances and how much I will pay commission? Do I offer to One Time Offer?
As you can tell, sell a product on the Internet is not just about having the product, even if it is an excellent product that your niche market really needs and is willing to pay anything for it , if you have all the above items secured and defined ... YOUR PRODUCT WILL BE A FAILURE.
Fortunately for you, there are currently in the Hispanic market and many materials, courses, tutorials, consulting, etc., so you can position your enterprise, so that will you produce a lot of traffic, no manuals to help you build an army of affiliates and how to get first-rate strategic partners promote your product, basically no material so you can have an excellent product for a hungry market oriented, so you can produce lots traffic, to define the right strategy to market your product, etc..



Internet businesses, like any other business, require effort, dedication, analysis, good personal relationships, sales strategies, benefits or incentives to customers, in addition to faith in what you do and insist to achieve success.
A  big mistake is to change the line of business in the first month it did not matter if you do not realized  it .No success comes if you don't have a POSITIVE MINDSET.


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