If you decides to make a business online                                                                                          has to be completely clear about what you want

    to achieve, but above all, it has to be completely                                                                                clear about what you're willing to spend to get it.
    Your 's first investment you have to do is                                                                                             investment of time , you have to dedicate time to                                                                               your training first and then to release your                                                                                           business.How can see, you can not make a                                                                                         business online without investing.
   But you also have to spend money to get the                                                                                       tools needed to properly develop your business .                                                                               But here comes the interesting part, investments                                                                               have to do to start your online business are                                                                                         minimal compared to those required by any                                                                                         traditional business.
     And best of all, you do not have to make any                                                                                     investment in a time, you can start small and as                                                                                   your business need to start producing income go                                                                              getting additional TOOLS to help you grow.
   minimum tools you'll need to start are a hosting                                                                                   service where you have hosted your own domain                                                                               and service of auto-responders, just this, and you                                                                               could say that you started a business online ..






The most important work of people who want to start an internet business is the LACK OF DECISION, and for that you get a number of excuses: I'm not ready yet, maybe not going well, I need to learn more, I have never sold nothing ,is too difficult, It will take time, work on it someday, etc.. With this negative mindset is very difficult to fulfill the dream of owning an online business.
In my case, I was never was good at handling the computer, and so far I have tried to make a Web itself,
 so I decided to get a free page in this great platform that offers me                .  My goal is not to become an expert in building web pages, but to put an internet business.
I never thought I'd make it because he had little information about it, until I remembered the life of Henry Ford, the mogul automotive industry, who just primary education course and yet showed that he had in his hands all the knowledge in the world, which employed the best planners, journalists, engineers, designers and other experts.




Start with what you have and what you know.Everything what you need to acquire it on the road, because no person in the world could ensure that you know all about internet.Don"t need to know how to create a Web page because there are hundreds of companies you offer it for free as, ,,, , ,and many more that we just search with the phrase "free web."
can also get started as a reseller of products such as ebay (the biggest online store in the world) or clickbank. You just need to have your website and they take care of all the necessary equip as a Membership.
are many ways you can make money online, you can publish a book or resell what others have already written, you can fill up paid surveys and you can even make money with Yutube videos.  


















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