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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Being able to issue invoices with the Tax rte applicable .Clearly identify your business through  legal pages such as legal advice and terms of purchase. The basic identification data are: the name of the  company or individual, email, address,    CIF / NIF offer some form of contact for any  complaints or queries.
    Consider the Data Protection Act (Act)  at the time of order (and treat) the data        of buyers. If the data are only asking name, address, telephone and email, must meet level 1 (the lowest), if you keep credit card numbers must meet level 3 (highest). By offering payment by PayPal or bank POS does not mean that you treat these data with payment card which with level 1 is enough.


Citizens and residents must complete Form W-9 IRS (Download form at: Non-residents who sell in the U.S. only must complete the information form W-8 IRS, stating that they reside outside USA..Those forms you don^t have to send to the IRS, but save them if requested by your customer or supplier.



Requirements legal online stores and internet sales are the same as for any other type of business. In this case are the same as those for a physical store of the street, but with the difference that online stores do not have to complete the formalities for licenses and taxes charged to the shops at street level. So it's one more advantage that online stores are in respect of physical stores. If you already have a business need only review whether the products you sell on the web are different from those that have sold so far and if so this involves signing up at any heading more about your activity (IAE). If this is the first time you start a professional activity by your own you do this: Give you high-tract with the model 036. Where? In one of the offices of the Inland Revenue. When you register, you must choose the appropriate heading (IAE) depending on the products you sell. Registering for more than one IAE not an additional cost of money.




For almost all Latin American countries only required to include in their tax return at the end of the year, the profits generated by the sale of its products or services recommended online.Se optionally go to the offices of the Register Merchant city to issue invoices for payment in the form legal.No need any operating license to start an Internet business.


1* Prohibited sending advertising or promotional unauthorized email. Advertising may only be sent by
emailing without prior request or consent of the recipient are met each and every one of the
following requirements:
• There exists some kind of prior relationship with the recipient.
• data recipient's contact have been lawfully obtained.
• These data are used to send commercial communications relating to products or services for which the recipient is linked.
* Placing available to the recipient a mechanism with which can refuse to receive more mailings.