If you already have a Virtual Store have noticed that the system against-delivery of products sold,is very slow, and that discourages many internet dealers. Nothing better to install all cards credit in one box and with just one click customers can pay directly to your bank account.
   The best solution is PAYPAL.COM,it's easier, economical and safe to install this useful tool on your Virtual Store. add the box containing the major credit cards.You can register with Paypal by going to where you ask all your data and sending a copy of the ID of your country, via email, fax or mail regular.Also need a bank account where you deposit the money from sales.


How do I put a paypal logo on my website?


  To insert standard logos on your website, or business logos online ,you must select  the chart type you need.
1. - Log into your PayPal account.
2. - Click on Merchant Services.
3.-  Click Resources Logo Center.

How Create PayPal button to receive website payments 
Adding a Paypal button to an email or website for customer payment 

How To Add A PayPal Buy Button To Your Website


 To insert Paypal logos :

1.-Accept the terms of the Terms of Use of Logo Center.
2.-Copy and paste the code examples for website logos.
3.-Choose from the options offered by Paypal, for example if you want the cart system or PAY button. 
4.-For more information go to the Help Center on the square upper Paypal where it says help.




If you have difficulties accessing Paypal, or you do not agree with their terms and conditions of service, you can choose other payment processors, which also give you the option of payment by Credit Cards. Visit these addresses:



To take advantage of the flexibility, security and mobility of American banks, I advise you to get a free credit / debit card from USA.You don't need to be a resident or have a valid address in USA, and you can do with your current address and your country ID resident card. Just have to apply for your card in : or

NOTE: Are you know pages are written in English, and just remember to click on SIGN UP until you see the page for registration. Also can request an instant VIRTUAL CARD appears on the web just as you do not send a physical card as in previous example.... You can choose this option in the little picture above that says "payment services".




    If you do not live in the USA, NETELLER is a very versatile and economical Card. It is the easiest way to verify your Paypal account in any country of the world, since you can charge it at your local bank for only 1% commission, and withdraw money at any ATM. It also allows you to send free money to anyone who has A card like you You can have up to 5 different virtual cards in your name or that of your family or friends, but only a physical plastic card that will send it to the address of the country where you live. The plastic card is only optional, if you want to pay the $ 13 that costs .
SIGN UP HERE!     (Only for no US residents)


HOW TO GET A DEBIT CARD:          Suggestions


If you do not have a credit card, we have two suggestions:

1) Prepaid credit card. This is a VISA or MASTERCARD card that can be purchased at the bank of your choice. At the bank you can pay in cash requesting that this amount be paid to your prepaid credit card and once charged you can use it to pay online, like a normal credit card.

2) Subscribe to Paypal. It's free and very simple. The only thing you have to do when registering a paypal account is to confirm it by adding a bank account or debit card, the process is very simple, Paypal will charge your account the amount of 1.98 USD to verify that it is yours, once The charge appears on your statement, you will also see a reference number, which you must enter into paypal and this will confirm your account and you can send money from your bank account or credit card without exposing your bank details and without needing to Use a debit card. (If you do not have online access, we suggest you call your bank to provide the reference number that comes with the paypal charge, to speed up the process.)




For customers who do not have credit card the best option is sending money through Western Union, with the only drawback that you have to physically visit a Western Union agency closest to your location to collect the money. 



As you know Clickbank is an American company, in other countries it is a real problem to cash a Clickbank check. Ebay, Amazon, Adsense, Adweber, Forex, etc. I go through that trance.
So what I did to charge it is to go to Money Gram, this company is all over the world, and I had to leave the check on consignment for 25 days, after this time I came back and they paid me what I agreed. So if you want to cash your check Clickbank, Adsense, Aweber or any other company, you should approach any currency exchange, such as: Money Gram, Western Union or whatever you have in your locality.

They only charged me $ 7 for their service, which is relatively low compared to what a bank charges, usually $ 50 or more.​


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